Made in Oostende prjects are now being posted on the home page and labelled Made in Oostende so you can find things easily. We'll also be maintaining a list of links on this page.

The latest projects:

Little Details
Make-over in Oostende
Christmas Cheer
A masterpiece!
Pascale's Stunning Scarf


The Blondeel sisters and their amazing knitted treasures.....

Chris brought her box of delights with her, filled to the brim with gorgeous baby bootees and jackets.

Meanwhile, Andrée dazzled us with her nautical ensemble and cute green sweater with pears for buttons.

PS. Try clicking on the photos to enlarge them and admire the finer details of these lovely pieces!

It is not a finished object "Made in Oostende" yet, but it certainly promises to be an interesting one! Marian took the best parts of two sweater patterns from Interweave Knits and started combining them, using a lovely shade of Drops Merino Extra Fine and black.
With a little luck, we can admire the result next month!

Praising her work, 
I mumble to myself 
"I can do it, too."

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