Monday, 11 July 2011

Come rain or shine....

..... and it shone! The knitting picnic was a HUGE success! Thank you to Barbara for, yet again, impressive ideas and communication. Thanks to Rozemie for the most delicious, homemade redcurrant and rhubarb tarts. Thanks to the little ones who played and played (Nell, Marius and Leon, in descending order of age). Thanks to the guys who downed some beers, read Humo and made us laugh out loud with the limbo (Lieven!). And thanks to you all for making it so much fun: the happy, talented, brilliant knitters of Oostende (and Ghent! And Brugge! It was great to see you AJ and Marie Paule and thanks for joining us for a sunny, joyful, creative afternoon). I'm off on holiday for a bit but Barbara holds all the contact info and the Droge Coo is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16.00 and we are always welcome. So, don't hesitate - enjoy the summer and each other! I think another get together might be in order and Barbara will keep in touch. In case you need her: Or sms or email me as I'll be touching base every once in a while. Next meeting proper: Sunday 4 September, 11.00, Droge Coo. Happy holidays!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Zalig brei dagen!

What a beautiful day it was on Sunday - our last gathering in the Droge Coo until September. Here you can see the wonderful variety of knitting we are all busy with, from Sini's starfish cloth to Barbara's elephants and wristlets, by way of Marianne's gorgeous Kaffe Fassett cardigan. And I've seen it - the back is a perfect as the front! And last but not least - two happy children who got to play on the beach whilst their mother did her knitting!!


Sunday 10th July - the great Oostende Brei picnic!!!

Wanneer: Zondag 10 juli 2011
Hoe laat: 14u tot ?
Waar: Het grote grasveld dicht bij de watertoren in het Maria Hendrika-Park ('t Bosje, ingang aan het dierenasiel)

Breng een drankje en een snack voor jezelf, alsook iets om op te zitten en natuurlijk jouw brei- of haakwerk. Vergeet ook niet je tegen de zon te beschermen!

Meer informatie: Barbara of Helen