Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WWKiP 2012

As winter is coming to an end and the month of June is getting closer (We're not in Belgium because of the weather, are we?), it's time to reflect on WWKiPs past and present.

Breien in Oostende was founded in February 2009 and that year we decided to take our friend Jan up on his invitation and visit the fair town of Hasselt for a hot knitting day. After a couple of hours in the heat on Molenplein, we pretty much resembled lobsters, but felt like Hollywood stars, thanks to this little feature in "1000 zonnen" 

Fast forward to June 2010:
I met up with two friends from Bruges and joined Ajour's knitting tent on a cold stormy day. Helen went to Gent, if memory serves. Shortly before WWKiP in Bruges, I was contacted by an eager knitter from Ostend, she and her sister would try to find me in Bruges. And they did! For more fond memories of that day, ask Rozemie ;)

In June 2011, a delegation from Ostend and Bruges joined the knitters in Ghent for some quality time at Stoffenidee.
You can play "Find Helen" in this little collage:

This year,

 for the first time ever,

 WWKiP-Day is going to be celebrated in Ostend,

 thanks to the joint effort of 

Rozemie (Breien en Haken in Oostende) and Rebecca (Stoffenhuys Paulette).

Join these two fine knitters at the pavillion in Leopoldpark (the one with the flower clock) on Sunday, June 17th from 2pm til 5pm. Bring sunscreen in the event of unusually sunny weather and maybe a camping chair or similar if you want to sit comfortably. There is a cafeteria near-by, which could be used as a rainy weather retreat (like we'd need that!).

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sunshine and a bouquet of flowers (not to mention a new Kate Davies)

It was great to see everyone on Sunday with their super colourful knitting! An's dazzling blue bouquet was stunning and Rozemie's new Kate Davies sweater was a delight. I'm longing for a photo of Ines and Rozemie wearing the jumpers at the same time. Barbara's phone cover in orange and pink was eye-poppingly lovely, as was Ines' new shawl in vintage shades of rose and peachy pink. Thanks to Jan for his amazing surgery on my socks (the first pair I've made on double pointed needles) and to everyone for such great knitting and good cheer. More news about the summer plans soon! (And don't forget to click on the photos for a close-up view).

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Little details....

... turn even the simplest garment into a treasure. Just have a look at Claire's vintage doll's cardigan. Perfect seams and a stich with a tiny details. Gorgeous! See you Sunday!