Friday, 21 July 2017

PicKnit 2017

What started in 2011, was picked up again in 2014 and 2015?

Not a sweater this time, but the knitting picnics in 't Bosje (Maria Hendrikapark)!

Time to do it again!

When: Sunday August 6th 2017, as of 2pm
Where: meadow between old water tower and the bigger of the two lakes
What to bring: a blanket or beach chair, sun screen, hat, drinks and a pie you'd like to share

The two T's:
1) TAZ just ended the day before, so there might be some remnants of their stages / tents, but surely you'll find the cheer- and colourful bunch that is Breien in Oostende!
2) Toilets > nearby at Koninginnehof

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Catching up

Keeping a blog up-to-date can be quite a bit of a chore:
Photos get stuck on someone else's phone, spiffy texts are hard to come by and all in all, our lives are just too fast when we're not knitting.

So let's catch up, and then, let's see how we can continue in a more contemporary manner...

Rechts/averechts na WWKIP @Stoffenidee

My first finished project of the year

Rozemie's mosaic-knitting
Words of wisdom

A cheer to travelling knitters
Where do we go from here?