Saturday, 10 May 2014

Revolutionary knitting

table one

table two

en masse

in the shadow of Gericualt's masterpiece

the dramatic entrance to the exhibition

contemporary work by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan

a lovely detail

The Raft of the Medusa by Gericault (a copy
made not long after the original)

(click on the the photos to enlarge)

It's hard to believe that the knitters of Ghent and Oostende, not to mention Hasselt (Jan), and a few other towns and cities, came together to knit in the Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent, as part of the Gericault exhibition. What a great day and beautiful location for our Sunday session! It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new people, and we also had the chance to look at the exhibition - which is well worth seeing. It closes soon, so don't leave it too late! Also on view is an installation   by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan. Born in the Philippines and now living in Australia, they worked with Ghent residents to create a huge installation out of cardboard and other found objects. Displayed in the foyer, the work revolves around the theme of boats, rafts, voyages and immigration.  It's both impressive in scale, yet full of exquisite details. And last but not least, we ended the day with coffee, tea and Ghent apple cake in Mu'Bart, the museum cafĂ©. The next session? Back in Oostende, I'm afraid! See you next time!

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