Monday, 5 August 2013


Ladies and gentlemen! You are too talented! I was absolutely blown away by the amazing things that everyone has finished, was in the process of making or dreaming of starting... We were delighted to welcome Marie Paule of Knit Flanders, our 'sister' brei-club in Ghent. See:  Marie Paule has just finished the amazing 'bee stole' in yellow. We swooned, we sighed, we all took photos... this stole has the most amazing details that range from bee hives, to honeycomb and tiny little bees themselves (not to mention the exquisite beading). I couldn't resist asking: how long did it take? A good six months replied the wonder-knitter. Marie Paule, we salute you! Thanks for coming and, above all, for the inspiration. But this is only the tip of the iceberg - I'll be posting photos all this week of some of the other fabulous things you've been making. Watch this space! (as ever, click on the photos to enlarge - it's worth it)


  1. Every time it is a pleasure to meet you all and enjoy the knitting...

  2. amazing! I want one too!