Monday, 13 May 2013

Birthdays and bears, beads, breien en (zonne)brand

It's hard to believe, on this wet and rainy Monday, that a week ago we were all knitting in the sunshine! Look at the weather in the photos and look out of your window today. Come back sun! First of all, a HUGE happy birthday to Rozemie! Secondly, double congratulations to Barbara who has a) mastered the art of beading (she's making some wonderful things and has a new blog on which to show them off: and b) finished this lovely crochet koala bear. It must have felt completely at home in the heat. As for me, I suffered a very bad dose of sunburn but, thankfully, have now recovered (although one arm is very much browner than the other). Let's hope that the sun will also be shining on 2nd June - our next meeting. But if it is, don't - like me - forget your SPF50!

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