Thursday, 7 March 2013

Totally Tapis Plage

Here we all are, for the third year running, at Tapis Plage. This year was special - we had a wonderful banner, hand-sewn by Barbara. Bravo! Not only that, but look at the first photo - we even had our own QR code! Impressive! (and thanks Barbara!). Tapis Plage was, as always, a treat - so many lovely handmade goods, so many independent, original, interesting stands and traders. Including, of course, Rebecca (Stoffenhuis Paulette), who did a roaring trade in her beautiful fabrics (and whose wonderful husband got down to business measuring and cutting metre after metre after metre). Here's a big round of applause to the organisers of Tapis Plage, to everyone who turned up, including Jan and Marie Therese (all the way from Hasselt) and the heroic 'Breimaddamen', who have turned knitting for charity into a mission (and who make, together with their army of recruits, the most gorgeous blankets and more). Our next meeting is in April - I'll keep you posted! See you soon!

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