Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Happy Birthday (to us!)

Greetings from England! And a big round of applause to Breien in Oostende (in other words, every single one you): the knitting club is FOUR years old! How time flies... A huge thank you to Barbara, for all her support, regular Facebook posts, good cheer, wonderful projects and for having such a good memory - for it was Barbara who reminded me of this special occasion (and she's also got a copy of the very first email ever sent about starting a knitting group in Oostende in her archives). Thanks to Ines for her ideas and providing our regular back-up venue (Villa Elise). And another big thank you to all our friends at the Droge Coo - for encouraging us, providing a wonderful venue and lots of good music, drinks and cake. And last but not least, where would the knitting club be without its members? So thanks to all of you for your commitment, friendship, advice, inspiration, laughter and knitting tutorials (I'll never forget Jan's life saving knitting surgery on my socks!). Here are a few photos of our birthday party and the lovely cakes that miraculously materialised. The spring flowers were from Jan and Marie Therese - so pretty and festive. Ines' parsnip cake was a revelation! Here's to the next four years! Cheers!


  1. Thank you Helen for starting the group and working hard to improve our communications (blog, facebook, ...)

  2. Breien in Oostende zou voor mij ook verdikken in Oostende zijn, vrees ik! Gelukkig woon ik in Kalmthout ;)

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