Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sun, sea and.... lovely projects

It's hard to believe that Tapis Plage was just last week - how the time flies! Here we are again, enjoying the most glorious weather at the coast. Blue skies and sunshine, wool, friendship, knitting, coffee, a delicious beer of the month and and gorgeous cake - what more could we possibly wish for? Chris was in fine baby bootee mode, and showed us the first of her egg yolk yellow, fluffy mohair slippers. Inspired by her Tapis pom-pom hat, Caroline's made several new creations (with ingenious button on accessories, like a flower) and Barbara's My Little Pony is almost finished (there's a very lucky four year old on the receiving end of this). Huge congratulations to Pascal who produced her first ball of hand-spun wool (amazing!) and knitted it up and welcome to Ann and Ilse. Come and see us next month too! Finally, can I give myself a pat on the back for finally mastering the art of sock knitting?! I LOVE my socks!!!! See you next month but I've got so many nice photos in hand, I'll be posting more frequently this month.