Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Beautiful people = beautiful knitwear! Here we have Marian and Ines (sisters in law) modelling their latest creations. Marian is wearing her fabulous Kaffe Fassett design (a real labour of love) and Ines is wearing 'Date Maker', knitted from a vintage pattern. It's a real gem and is just as successful today as in was 1940s (we hope you get asked on lots of dates, Ines, please let us know...). Another thing of great beauty is Ines's new hat, in blue and red. Not only is the pattern a delight but it is fantastically well made - the inside is just as perfect as the outside. Marian and Ines's recent work led to huge whoops of delight and admiration amongst the group. But that wasn't all, and Chris and Rozemie had other treasures in their knitting bags..... but that's for a another day (watch this space). Barbara and Jan were absent and much missed, everyone sent their love. Barbara, get well soon (and good luck in LA!).

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