Monday, 9 May 2011

Guerilla knitters? We know who you are!

Surprised by the knitting on the lampost, bicycle racks and tree by the library there was one question on everyone's lips: who was behind it all? At Tapisplage we met the lovely people from the CVO who told us about their event 'Zot Van Ambachten' at the Bib Oostende on 21 and 22 May. Love knitting? Then you'll love this weekend event as is promises to be full of beautiful things to look at (there is an exhibition in the library forum) and workshops galore. 'What does CVO stand for?', I asked my fellow Tapisplage knitters. Who knew? Not us! Well, it's short for Centrum voor Volwassen Onderwijs. The great thing is that the CVO organises fantastic creative courses, such as sewing, knitting and cooking. You only have to look at the courses on offer to feel inspired to try something new:

PS. Ladies and gentlemen, don't worry, the Tapisplage update is on its way!

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